Universidad de Jaén: SPAIN

Program: Park Exchange

Location: Jaén, Spain

Program Dates:

Fall:  Early September to December (examination January) | Fall participants can request on a case by case basis to take final exams prior to their December departure.

Spring: Mid – January to mid-May (examination mid to end o may).

Downloads (if any) OR About the institution

Areas of Study  OR Courses:  Archeology, English studies, Geography, history, art history, biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, marketing, management, education preschool-elementary, social work, hospitality. In addition they have a school of engineering and architecture.

Search for courses taught in English

There are roughly 500 courses taught in English (included in the exchange agreement). Those 500 courses are offered at different levels of English “exposure” as outlined below:

  • Level 1: Tutorial support sessions, materials and exams in this language = Books in English, teaching in Spanish
  • Level 2: Tutorial support sessions, materials, exams and seminars in this language = teaching in Spanish, books, exams and support sessions in English. I want to clarify with them what seminars mean.
  • Level 3: Tutorial support sessions, materials, exams, seminars and regular lectures in this language = course completely in English.


Academic Notes:

  • 2.5 minimum GPA required
  • Students wishing to enroll in courses taught 100% in Spanish must have completed 4 semesters of college language study

Language Notes:

  • Students have the option to enroll in a Spanish language survival class included in their exchange benefits during the fall and spring semester. In addition, they offer free of charge (included in exchange benefits) a Spanish language preparatory program. This takes place before the fall and spring semester, students can earn a total of 3 credits (6 ECTS).

Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Lenguas Modernas: If students need a Spanish language program (full time) then they will enroll in the Center for advance language studies, this is not included in the exchange benefits (meaning tuition will need to be paid) . https://cealm.ujaen.es/


  • Tuition paid to Park
  • Housing paid to Jaen (student’s expense)
  • Meals and dinner at student’s expense
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses



There are two options for housing

  1. Shared apartment 150 -250 euros per month approximately, utilities not included.
  2. Colegio Mayor (residence hall) all-inclusive housing with meals 600 euros per month

Application Deadline:

Fall: May 31

Spring: October 15

Additional Notes:

  • All incoming exchange students are offered the possibility of benefiting from the so-called UJA Buddy Program that connects international students with Spanish student volunteers in order for them to be able to receive support, orientation and help during their first days at UJA http://www.ujaen.es/serv/vicint/home/page/11/119
  • A student visa is required in order to study in Spain. Applicants must travel to Chicago to submit their visa application and conduct their visa interview.
  • Pick-up Service
    • No pick up provided. Students must transport themselves from Madrid airport or from the Granada airport to Jaen. More information can be found here.


More information: website http://www.ujaen.es/serv/vicint/home/page/79/142