Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started?
Submit an inquiry or email us to set up an appointment. We will look for a program that best matches your academic and personal needs.

Which program is best for me?
Visit our program page to look at the Park approved programs. If you would like to connect with study abroad alumni, the study abroad office can help you make the connections. However, the decision is only YOURS. Here are some questions to help you narrow down your options.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad with Park University?
Yes, once you settled on a program, the study abroad office will prepare a budget with all your expenses. The financial aid office will evaluate it and tell you how current aid can be applied to your program abroad. Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more.

Are there any scholarships I can apply for?
Yes, visit our scholarship page to learn more.

What courses can I take? Can I take courses in my major?
Yes, it is important that from the beginning you are in touch with your success coach/advisor/campus center director. Connect with them to learn what courses you have left to take and based on this you can start selecting a program.

How will my credits transfer?
The credits will show on your transcript as Park credits. All courses will need to be pre-approved by Park Faculty prior to departure. This step is completed after your placement is confirmed.

Where will I live when abroad?
Housing varies based on the program selected. Generally, our short term programs housing is hotel stay. The summer and semester programs will vary from homestays, to off campus apartments to student dormitories.

Do I need to find my own housing?
Again this will vary based on the program selected. But most of our partner institutions will assist exchange students with securing accommodations.

Do I need a passport?
YES. If you don’t have a passport yet, please apply for one NOW. If you have a passport, check its validity. It should be valid 6 months AFTER your return date to the USA.

Do I need a visa?
A visa is a document issued by your host country that gives you permission to enter and study there for a period of time. Generally, students going abroad for more than 4 months will need to apply for a student visa. Some countries will require a visa even if the program is short term (less than 1 week).

Will I be able to travel on the weekends?
Yes! A successful study abroad program is one that balances the academics + the friendships and travel.

Where can I find additional information to help me be prepared to study abroad?
Read, read, read. Ask questions and more questions. The better prepared you are the easier your transition will be. The study abroad office can help you connect with Park Study Abroad Alumni. Another good resource are these questions to help you narrow down your options.