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What is a passport?

A passport is your valid identification as an US citizen. Passports are needed to enter and leave the United States and to enter and leave foreign countries. The US Department of State is the government authority that issues passports in the US. All Park students studying abroad are required to obtain a passport.

Passports must be valid for at least six months after program’s end date. A passport will be needed when applying for a student visa (required for most study abroad programs).

Passport applications can take up to eight weeks. Without a passport, students cannot apply for a student visa. It is the students’ responsibility to apply for a passport and student visa.

How to apply for a passport:

  1. Find a passport acceptance facility near you. Some facilities require that you make an appointment in advance. The closest passport office to Park University is the Gladstone Post Office. Please note that an appointment is required.
  2. Download an application from the State Department website.
    1. Provide Application for Passport, Form DS-11 
    2. Present Proof of Citizenship – Birth Certificate issued by the city, country or state
    3. Present Proof of Identity (Driver’s license and two passport size pictures)
    4. Provide two passport size photos (this can be done at some pharmacies, or at a travel agency)
    5. Pay the passport fee (Adult first time applicants is: $110 + execution fee $25)
  3. Submit your application, fee, and photos.

U.S. Passport Services Back to Standard Processing Time

If you have applied for, but not yet received your passport you may check the status of your passport application online.

More information on the passport application process and processing times is available on the U.S. Department of State website.

Information will be generated automatically on the status of your application.  If your program will be departing in two weeks, you may call the National Passport Information Center to request expedited service on your passport.  The number for the National Passport Information Center is 1-877-487-2778.  You will likely have to call many times to get through the automated system and into the queue. You’ll know when you’ve reached the phone queue when you hear the music playing.

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